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Updated geoconverter: { geoJson } <> { arcJson }

I put together a simple geo-converter a while back (and posted about it) that converts geojson to arcjson\esrijson. I needed it to get some polygons in an arcgis feature service. I have updated that converter to also convert from arcjson to geojson as well. I used it to pull arcjson from an ArcGIS Feature Service via a query against the REST API and convert the results to geojson.

The geoconverter tool


I pulled the arcjson formatted data from City of Fort Collins ArcGIS web services

A query against the Neighborhoods layer, like so:{%22xmin%22%3a-122%2c%22ymin%22%3a40%2c%22xmax%22%3a-80%2c%22ymax%22%3a50%2c%22spatialReference%22%3a{%22wkid%22%3a4326}}&inSR=4326&spatialRel=esriSpatialRelIntersects&where=%28HOODDESC+IS+NOT+NULL%29&outSR=4326&outFields=*&f=json

Results into the geoconverter


Created a MapBox map with it


And here’s some geojson to┬átry out, Major League Baseball Stadiums
raw data

Play ball!